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Financial Planning

Watson Watson Financial Services provides strategies to help you grow, manage, and preserve your assets. Our team works collaboratively to ensure you have the tools you need to make informed decisions based on your short- and long-term objectives. The goal is to provide a vision of your financial independence.

Establish Your Goals

Ensuring we understand where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and what is most important to you provides a basis to begin customizing your financial plan.

Understand Your Situation

Working together, we’ll review all aspects of your financial life and then create the best possible long-term plan to help you achieve your goals.

Benefit from Knowledgeable Analysis

We’ll thoroughly review your options and possible outcomes—considering every “what if” scenario to help you make an informed decision about your financial plan.

Review and Discuss Strategies

After performing a complete analysis, we’ll go through all your information together and determine the best approach to your financial situation and objectives.

Implement Solutions

Together, we’ll consider various products, review your options, and then put your plan into action.*

Review Your Progress

To help you stay on track, we’ll periodically evaluate your financial plan, review your goals, and make updates as needed to reflect changes in your situation.**

A Comprehensive Approach to Financial Planning

When it comes to managing your finances, we use an integrated approach that incorporates every aspect of your financial situation. We’re not just managing your assets and investments—we’re considering your financial well-being, goals, and dreams.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan that helps you reach your short-and long-term financial objectives. We want you to have more confidence knowing you’re moving along your path toward financial security.

Here’s the approach we take when developing your financial plan:

* You have a choice to implement the recommendations in your financial plan on your own, with your Financial Planner, or through another financial-services professional. If you choose to implement your plan with your Financial Planner, he or she may sell services and products to you in his or her capacities as (1) a registered representative of Pruco Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, and/or (2) a licensed insurance agent of The Prudential Insurance Company of America and/or its insurer affiliates.

** You should review your progress toward goals periodically.

Your Path To Financial Freedom

At Watson Watson, we understand that the road to a successful financial future can be challenging—particularly if you have multiple financial needs. We’re here to provide guidance and support. We’ll review your situation and help you build a comprehensive financial plan.

Key elements of the roadmap include:

Performing a Financial Assessment
We’ll thoroughly assess your financial situation, track your income, and account for expenses. Then we’ll determine your net worth and help you create an emergency fund.
Saving for Major Expenses
Whatever short- or long-term expenses are on the horizon—from funding a loved one’s college education to buying a house or car to developing a cash reserve for special occasions—we’ll help develop a savings plan.
Retirement Planning
To help you prepare for your retirement, we’ll assess your retirement income and expenses, determine the amount you need to save to help meet your future retirement income goals, estimate the value of government programs, and identify tax strategies to help minimize tax liabilities.
Investment Planning
Our comprehensive plan includes reviewing your experience and attitude about money and investing, assessing your risk tolerance, including identifying your biggest concerns about investing, developing an asset allocation strategy for each accumulation goal, and determining investment vehicles that best match your tolerance for risk and time horizons
Tax Planning Strategies
To help you save on your taxes, we stay informed about recent tax law changes and identify potential tax liabilities and tax-deferral strategies.
Shielding Against Storms
Planning for the unexpected is a critical part of your financial plan. We’ll help with challenges including protecting against financial crisis, ensuring your family’s ongoing financial needs will be met if you die, meeting your financial needs in the event that you become disabled or need special care, and business continuation planning.
Estate Planning Strategies
When it comes to your estate, we can perform an evaluation and help you plan for the orderly distribution of your estate. We can also help provide a legacy for your loved ones and charitable organizations.

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